Kultcha Collective's Byron Bay designer Kaidee Peel talks about the personal journey that created this exciting new 'Firebird' collection.

The Fire bird meaning the Pheonix a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated and reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. A mythological creature associated with re-creation and rising once again. 

This collection inspiration came about organically after a long haul and a year that brought many good and hard challenges in my personal life, where a small break away from Kultcha just had to happen! Now we are back!

With my love of bringing findings and inspiration from the past and and recreating them into modern wares of today, This "Firebird" collection was born.  You will find vintage trims and fabric prints inserted into pockets, lots of details and embellishments onto fitted jackets that demonstrate strength and wisdom, the collection poses a hint of retro twisted into modern bohemian attire. 

Enjoy the read below to find out the trails and tribulations on creating one of the most ethically conscious collections I have so far! Proud to claim the label "Made in Australia" 

F I R E B I R D 


Photography by Carly Brown 

H & M by Alexis Mahoney @spicymelons

Creative assistant Emma Gardner @emagardner_art

Collaborations Fallen Broken Street & Buffalo Girl Byron bay 

All clothing and jewellery by Kultcha Collective 


With love and gratitude for your continuous support, Kaidee Xx

The years events started like this. From moving house suddenly with my whole family just before we were due to give birth with our second child, we were so settled and i was in full swing nesting mode and where the home birth was to take place, when everything was suddenly uprooted, we packed for days and moved within a week to begin our new journey setting up the house and the studio for Kultcha.

My husband (Bulan) then had a sudden accident and fell a huge 3 metres and was rushed to hospital with fractured vertabrae two weeks before bubs due date, thankfully we knew by day three he as able to walk. Bulan had to spend a week in hospital lying flat in bed and wondering whether he will ever skydive again, Bulans profession is a skydive instructor.

I was determined to get back into nesting and setting up the new home and studio before the arrival of Bub, while getting in to visit Bulan two times a day, not that we got to communicate much after all the morphine but I just needed to be by his side and so did Inca Mitzi our three year old daughter who was two and a half at the time. There was not much time to direct business needs, just thankfull for the amazing small number of staff we have to help keep the business rolling. 

My beloved cat Michska the Gypsy cat who has travelled far and wide with me for 14 years had a terrible accident and nearly had to have her leg amputated after dislocating her hip in a tree or fence, she spent a week at the vet hospital recovering and fighting the infection and pain. But after lots of love and nurturing, a huge vet bill both Michska and Bulan came very well and returned home.

Two weeks later when the magical time came, our baby boy Ari Uki arrived on his due date with in 2 hours. Bulan was able to take off the back brace for that time to gently come into the birth pool and be the first to catch and hold our boy with the help of a lovely friend Susie who is a registered midwife from Germany, we had only met Sus two months before, yet I had a great connection since the moment we met.

After some months we found our feet again, with my husband being at home and in the studio with more time to focus on Kultcha together and with our new growing family and have this exciting new range to share with the world. 

A story of the firebird phoenix from Russian folklore;

During an expedition, Prince Ivan, the Tsarevich, wanders into an enchanted garden. There, he spies a beautiful bird with dazzling plumage that is trying to pluck golden fruit from a silver tree. Ivan captures the bird but yeilds to its entreaties to be set free. In gratitude, the Firebird gives Ivan a magic feather. 

As the sun rises, thirteen enchanted princesses come from the castle to dance and play with golden apples. Ivan discloses himself and is told the castle is the property of the evil magician Kastchei, who turns captive travelers into stone. Ivan, now in love with one of the princesses, vows to enter the castle. As he opens the gates, Kastchei and his crew of grotesques march onto the scene. Kastchei tries to bewitch Ivan, but the Prince is protected by the Firebird's feather. 

The Firebird then appears and casts a spell by dancing wildly among the demons of Kastchei. The bird then reveals to Ivan an egg which contains Kastchei's soul. Ivan smashes the egg, and Kastchei dies. With his death, the princesses are liberated, and the story ends happily. 

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