Splendour style 2015

Well I managed to get amongst it this year to snap some splendour style pics. Thank you to all of you you managed to battle the mud and come by our stall, It was such a pleasure to have every one of you come play for dress up's, The fact we had to squeegee out the stall several times a day was a sign we had nearly every one of you come to visit, Haha!
We spotted so many amaze outfits! I love to freedom we have to be ourselves and wear anything from rainbows, sparkles at any given moment at any time of day at such an event. There was rainbows, mud, smiles, sparkles, amazing music and met some wonderful people to say the least supporting Kultcha along with bumping into the likes of @billiebillie @emmgurr @annalisemclachlan @gkcarlotta @anita_ghise @charlotte_collins @lucetteromy Byron Bay talent artist @_N_I_T_S_U_A_
Images by myself and husband Bulan
Kaidee Peel
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