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Meet ANITA GHISE : Dressmaker | Model | Designer

Do you find inspiration in nature?  🍃 

The moody soul of the ocean… the rolling green hills of the hinterland?

The simplistic beauty of our natural surroundings is the driving motivation behind local dressmaker and model, Anita Ghise.

In our latest blog feature we chat with Anita, co-designer with the Andean Collective, and how she brought her cultural experiences from across the world, home to Byron Bay, Australia.

Anita create's feminine everyday women’s wear using raw textured materials, drawing inspiration from the Andean Mountains of Peru.


Kultcha: Can you tell us how the Andean Collective was born and how you came together with Ursula to create the label?

Anita: "Funnily, we met via the online world. Ursula had contacted me to have a chat about a possible collaboration and we instantly clicked.

She wanted me as a model, and when I told her about my background as a pattern maker and bag maker, we found that we were complementing each other perfectly on a professional level.

We started having weekly meetings around creating and realized quickly that our values; such as ethical production and slow fashion, were aligned.

We share a passion and deep love for handmade pieces, integrating knowledge of the old and modern world. Using the ancient traditions of Peruvian embroidery, weaving and mixing it with modern designs, wearable all over the world".

Pictured above: Anita's dress by Andean Collective, available in store at The Hills Emporium.

Kultcha:  We would love to hear about the process and your Byron Bay design studio.

Anita: "I have been working for various Byron based labels such as Spell, Liberated Heart and Chasing Unicorns, amongst others using my skills as a Dressmaker.

Having set up my own studio at home, we started working more together from there, until we decided to become partners: Anita Ghise Collection x Andean Collective".

"The aim for me is to create simplistic feminine clothing for everyday wear" - Anita Ghise

"Inspired by a love of nature and the ocean, we are using beautifully textured raw materials to create effortless, handmade clothing with love for the free spirited woman" - Anita Ghise

"I have drawn inspiration from nature, my everyday surroundings such as the beautiful Byron coastline and the lush greens of the Byron hinterland, where I am residing.

Most of our designs are created following the same line which is working directly with Andean women from a remote community throughout the beautiful handwoven details and embroidery.

Empowering women is powerful, especially in underdeveloped areas like the Andean Mountains of Peru.

We work with talented weavers, encouraging them to show their capacity which will not only benefit her individually but the whole world at large".

"When women support each other, incredible things happen" - Anita Ghise

Kultcha: Anita, you have a background in the fashion industry on a global level, we would love to hear about your journey...

Anita: "It’s quite a long story, and I’m going to try and keep it short and simple, haha.

I was born in Romania, women traditionally started from an early age to crochet, sew and embroider their own clothes. I grew up wearing only hand made pieces from my grandmas, aunts and Mum. I was obsessed with fabrics and creations since I can remember.

Due to political circumstances we had to escape and went to live in Germany for a while, where I learned the art of sewing.

My Mum and I had been travelling through Europe selling art pieces made of glass from Romania, for a long time. Since, I never felt home in Germany and my journey took me somehow via Australia to Argentina where I studied fashion and Dressmaking at university. That’s how I gave my life long passion a label and obtained a university degree.

Working for various local labels, I learned the art of shoemaking by hand, in a small workshop.

I started my own little brand for custom made bags and shoes. Which went really well, but my restless soul took me back to Europe. Where I worked with a small brand in Germany, we had a showroom with 2 collections per year. Customers could pick their style and we would customize it to their preferences; size, fabric, colour. Using only what came from nature, such as cashmere, linen, silk, wool and leather.

Again, I became restless and from previous experience I knew that Byron Bay was the only place that made me feel like home so I took a plane and left my life behind again, embarking on a new journey.

Shortly after I returned, I started working as a pattern maker for Liberated Heart, Spell and other smaller projects.

Always studying – as a foreigner it’s not that easy, haha – I collected a Diploma in Marketing, Business and Project Management along the way to complement my Fashion Degree.

And who would have thought - fell in love pretty much right away, which was over three years ago… not planning on leaving, this is my home now – but I am always open for inspiration from far away places, such as Peru, where the Andean Collective originated".



Recently, Anita visited The Hills Emporium donning her Kultcha threads.

It is always such an honour when a fellow designer embraces our designs and rocks them as good as this!

Anita Ghise (1)

Anita is wearing our Persia bell sleeve dress  featuring a stunning lace up back panel and slight bell sleeves.

Available in store and online.

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💕 Thank you Anita for sharing your inspiring story with our wonderful Kultcha customers xo

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