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Sumeria Serpent Necklace

Sumeria Serpent Necklace

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An everyday comfortable to wear, significant and Iconic piece to your Kultcha collection. 

This collection is inspired by ancient wisdom from Sumerian texts, that speak the story of human kind and why we are here on earth. 

The Serpent represents Freedom, power, liberation and creation. 

If you wish to know more read this story below....

Gods, wisdom and knowledge are all simultaneous with each other. Wisdom existed in the dark ages, in order for it to be pro-created it must have been feminine. This is why action was taken in our ancient past.

The story written from ancient texts speak of two gods Enkie and Enlil, Like most things in life one represents darkness and one represents light.

Enkie god of light was known as the serpent that spoke to Eve in the garden, encouraging her to eat the fruits. 

The intention of Enkie was to free this new race from slavery and gift the secret of liberation and freedom, that in fact the fruits were safe to eat and everything that has been told is not the truth. 

The garden of eden was told to be forbidden to eat the luscious fruits 

The Serpent gave vital information to the woman in these early days of creation, because Enkie knew the woman is the vessel for creation and the teacher to pass through this message to free us from slavery. 

The tradition is present in several ancient cultures, particularly in religion and mythology, where snakes were seen as entities of strength and renewal.

24ct gold plated sterling silver.

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